La Sultane de Saba treatments, massages and scrubs

Discover "La Sultane de Saba" treatments

Le Clos Saint Michel, your spa in the Vaucluse at the foot of Mont Ventoux , offers you the treatments , massages and scrubs from La Sultane de Saba. Escape, relax and re-energize in our spa . You will be able to test the special treatments of La Sultane de Saba: massage signature, massage of the scalp and face , plantar reflexology , oriental signature treatment, energizing treatment with organic carrot oil, repairing treatment with organic argan oil and orange blossom, < strong> lifting treatment with Gold and Champagne, black knowledge scrub with eucalyptus, scrub with silk proteins and sugar crystals, sea salt scrub and scented oil, beauty of hands or feet express or oriental and many others. Consult the complete list of treatments offered by La Sultane de Saba at Clos Saint Michel.

La Sultane de Saba massages Signature Massage

Massage (90 min) giving a feeling of escape and total well-being. Using various stretching techniques, it envelops the muscular outline of the body, emphasizing reflex points and nerve endings, while following the lines of the meridians. 

Exceptional massages Scalp and Face Massage

With Ayurvedic Shirodara Bowl and Lukewarm Rose Floral Water. This treatment (20 min) rebalances the energies, relieves migraines and the tensions accumulated in the facial features.

Just relax Plantar Reflexology La Sultane de Saba

Treatment-Massage by stimulating the reflex points of the feet which run from the top of the skull to the ends of the toes. It stimulates the circulation of energy in each organ. Ensures a real source of muscle and mental relaxation.

Recharge your batteries with La Sultane de Saba The other massages

Sensitive Relaxation Massage
20 min: € 32, 30 min: € 45, 45 min: € 63, 60 min: € 80.
Pressure techniques for total harmony body and mind.
The hydrating mist will complete this olfactory and sensory journey.
Ballotions massage (60 min)
Ancient Thai technique.
< strong> Pregnant Woman Massage (40 min)
Let yourself be lulled by delicate movements and light pressure.

Relax at Le Clos The other massages of La Sultane de Saba

Deep Tissue Massage
Pressed and tonic maneuvers promoting the elimination of toxins. Ideal for athletes.
Slimming Massage with Shea butter and Ginger Green Tea
Decongestant and slimming massage like a palpate roll.
Draining Massage Voder
Specific method aimed at improving the functions of the lymphatic circulatory system.
Circulatory massage with spheres (ice cube effect)
Ice cube effect for this treatment aimed at improving the blood circulation, for a better evacuation of toxins. Ideal for sports recovery.

Facial treatments by the Sultane de Saba Oriental Signature Treatment

45-minute treatment: Purifying and moisturizing for all skin types, true skin cleansing.

Sultane de Saba facial treatments Energizing treatment with organic carrot oil

60-minute treatment: tan extender for combination skin, healthy glow.

Facials Repairing Treatment with Organic Argan Oil and Orange Blossom

60-minute treatment: for dry skin, anti-aging prevention

Face care Lifting Treatment with Gold and Champagne

Complete facial treatment combining the benefits of its active ingredients for a plumping effect. Acts on the entire face and neck, through deep maneuvers, to find regenerated, toned and lifted skin.

La Sultane de Saba body care Eucalyptus black soap scrub

Enjoy a black soap eucalyptus scrub and a Hammam session.

The body care of La Sultane de Saba Scrub with silk proteins and sugar crystals

Relax with a silk protein and sugar crystal scrub and application of Ayurvedic milk

Body treatments to relax Exfoliation with sea salts and scented oil

Discover a scrub with sea salts and perfumed oil and the application of Loukoum scented milk.

Exceptional body care Wraps 30 min

  • Ice cube effect leg wrap
  • Warm Rhassoul wrap
  • La Sultane Travel Wrap

From the "La Sultane de Saba" care range Other services

  • Baby-Shower (from 6 people): Spa + drink for each + Massage offered to the future mother (40min)
  • Bachelorette party / bachelorette party (from 6 people) (Adaptable for your birthdays): Spa - Free for the future bride + Spa + Relaxation massage (20 min) + Gourmet tea - Free for the bride and groom

Nail salon of the Sultane de Saba range Oriental beauty of hands or feet

Enjoy a complete 60-minute hand or foot treatment.

The Sultane de Saba nail center Beauty of hands or feet express

Beauty of hands or feet express, in just 40 minutes

Nail salon "Sultane de Saba" All the services for your nails

  • Nail polish
  • Semi-permanent installation
  • Semi-permanent hand and foot pose
  • Removal of semi-permanent

All waxing offered at Clos Saint Michel Hair removal

  • Eyebrows or chin or lips or armpits
  • Eyebrows + lips
  • Face or half legs or thighs or arms
  • Full legs or torso or back
  • Single jersey
  • Brazilian bikini
  • Full suit
  • Half-leg package + single bikini line + armpits
  • Full legs package + single jersey + armpits
  • Supp. Brazilian bikini
  • Supp full jersey

Everything for the eyes Shape your look

  • Hair removal with thread
  • Eyebrow tinting + thread hair removal

Beauty KIDS (Toofruit)

  • The care card from 5 years old
  • Sweet face (30 min)
  • Complete moisturizing and relaxing facial treatment for fruity relaxation
  • Bodidoux (30 min)
  • Restful, nutritious and fruity full body treatment
  • Max Relax (60 min)
  • Facial and body treatment for a moment of relaxation
  • Complicity treatment (30 min)
  • Complicity treatment (60 min)
  • Body massage in a double cabin for a moment of absolute relaxation
  • Fairy fingers
  • Kid's specific varnish application

Relax at Clos Saint Michel Les Evasions du Clos

  • Discovery trip to the enclosed area: Sensitive relaxation massage (30 min) + Spa + Lunchtime formula Catering jars (Starter / Main or Main / Dessert)
  • Vent D'Anges from the Eric Tabardon estate : Sensitive relaxation massage (30min) with shea butter and lavender + Spa + Tasting of wines from the Eric Tabardon estate

Escapes from the "La Sultane de Saba" range Oriental Ayurvedic

  • Ayurvedic Sugar Scrub
  • Sensitive relaxation massage (30min) with ayurvedic oil

Escapes for two by La Sultane de Saba The supreme duo

Relaxation duo (45min) + Spa + Gourmet tea

Relaxation, escape and rest The Darjeeling Detox

Massage (30min) Ginger scent Green tea + Specific facial treatment (50min)

Escape with our escape range The Supreme Argan

  • Salt / Turkish delight scrub
  • Rhassoul and Shea Butter wrap
  • Massage (40min) with orange blossom

Recharge your batteries with La Sultane de Saba Relaxation in the Orient

  • Signature Sultane de Saba facial treatment
  • Kessa glove scrub with eucalyptus / Hamme black soap
  • Sultana de saba relaxation massage (30min)