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We welcome you all year round for your stays in a guest house, lodge or villa. Le Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa is not only comfortable accommodation, it is also a fully equipped spa, and the production of olive oil, wine and fruit. Check the availability of our spa and our accommodation for your next visit to Mont Ventoux!

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Live fully at Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa
A unique experience

Recharge your batteries & Enjoy nature
The estate in the heart of Nature

Go on a trip into nature with the Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa! In this haven of peace, let yourself be tempted by a unique and complete experience!  

Whether visiting the spa, traveling to a guest room, in a lodge or in the villa, nature will be omnipresent. The 12 hectares of green park are an invitation to recharge, contemplation and discovery. Between vines, olive trees, fruit trees and herbs, the scents of Provence perfume all your visits! 

Le Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa offers a pleasant stay, to anyone who indulges in it, finds themselves there and recharges their batteries!  

Family, Friends, Group & Professional For any occasion

On a business trip, on a romantic weekend, on a family vacation or on an expedition with friends, the Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa adapts to all your stopovers, to all your desires for escape and discovery in the heart of Provence

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Proximity, Sharing & Meeting A friendly atmosphere

Au Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa, we offer high-end services, while promoting a warm and friendly atmosphere. The authentic character of Provence is preserved and amplified in each space, to offer you unique and charming stays. Our establishment is ideal for reconnecting with simple things.

Listening, Professional & Pleasant An attentive team

Throughout your stay at Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa, you will meet the different members of the team, who will be delighted to assist you in creating an idyllic getaway in Provence

At the reception, you will meet Fanny, Emilie, Théo, Marjorie, Virginie and Capucine. Jérémy, Denis and Sébastien are part of the technical and maintenance team. Sandra, Cindy, Nina and Christelle supervise the maintenance of the rooms. 

Domain & Environment Nature at the center

Whether in the 12 hectare park or in the different interior spaces of the Clos Saint-Michel Resort & Spa, nature plays an important role and it is represented in all its forms.

The decoration is created from natural materials. The olive-green color remains the common thread of the decoration, which you will find throughout your exploration of the building.

Well-being & Rest Activities

So that you can fully reconnect with nature, many activities can be on the program for your days, in the magnificent park and surrounding areas. We can offer you yoga classes or meditation sessions, but also to explore Provence, by borrowing a GR or a Greenway. The generous sun of Provence will accompany all your walks.

Bed and Breakfast, Lodges & Villa Accommodations

Bed and breakfast, lodgesand villa, choose from our different accommodations, at the foot of Mont Ventoux< /strong>. 

To find out more about the reservation conditions and quite simply, to start organizing your stay, we invite you to contact us by email, by telephone or via the contact form.  

GreenGo Platform Our eco-responsible commitment

GreenGo is the first eco-responsible accommodation reservation platform, which selects the best accommodation in France with environmentally friendly hosts.